Hair Systems International - Policy and Terms and Conditions

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be paid by the client to Hair Systems International on ordering a hair system. The balance MUST be paid at the first fitting. Any alterations that may be necessary, even after the first fitting, will be free of charge from Hair Systems International to the client. Hair Systems International is responsible to alter the wig until the customer is legitimately satisfied.
There is no refund of the cost of the wig once it is made, whether the client decides not to have the wig for any reason. This is the case unless the goods are faulty. Hair Systems International will undertake to make sure the wig ordered fits correctly to ordered requirements no matter how many visits necessary. Hair Systems International will not be responsible for hair goods. Changed, cut, coloured or permed by anyone other than our own stylists.
Deposits will be forfeited on any orders not picked up within 45 days of completion and not paid in full within this time.
The wig system is guaranteed for up to 6 months for the construction of the item. Free repairs will be undertaken if it is proved by Hair Systems International that the system is faulty and not the result of poor maintenance by the client. These terms and conditions are understood and accepted by the client.
However if the item is cut or coloured after or at the time of delivery, then Hair Systems International has no responsibility and no refunds will be made at any time and is absolved of any responsibility.
Our Gold Hair™ is guaranteed for up to nine months for its quality and our Diamond Hair™ is guaranteed for up to 18 months for its quality. Hair Systems International therefore reserves the right to test Gold and Diamond hair to ensure it has not lost any lustre or texture.
The goods with guarantee does not have insurance backed guarantee and does not affect our statutory rights.
Any post sale after care and/or colouring ETC can damage the hair, which will in turn make the guarantee null and void.
Delivery is normally 6-8 weeks but delivery dates may vary due to manufacturing or courier delays. Late delivery shall not constitute a valid reason for order cancellation.
Hair Systems International cannot be held responsible for transportation delays due to inclement weather, courier delays, or other unforeseen developments.
Hair Systems International cannot always reproduce exact formation or highlight placement.
Hair Systems International tries to colour match samples as close possible, but we cannot guarantee exact colour.
We also cannot guarantee exact colour match as say a previous order as there is often a natural difference in human hair
Human Hair will naturally oxidise over time, due to heat, natural sunlight, washing and general wearing.
Due to normal wear and tear over time, hair may fall out or break, lace or Spandex materials may stretch, and other damage may occur. Most times, repairs can be made for a charge.